Consuming raw or under cooked meat and seafood may increase the risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.
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Appetizers from Kitchen

Spring Roll (3)
Japanese vegetable spring roll
Pork Egg Roll (2)
Pork, vegetable egg roll
Gyoza (6)
Steamed or Fried pork dumpling
Shumai (8)
Steamed or deep fried shrimp dumpling
Boiled soybean w. salt (or spicy garlic $1 extra)
Krab Rangoon (6)
Cream cheese, krab meat filling in wonton wrapper
Bourbon Chicken
Grilled chicken in honey bbq sauce
Bamboo Stick Chicken (2)
(Choice of: Teriyaki, Sweet Chili, Salt & Pepper or Plain)
Vegetable Tempura
Crispy battered assorted vegetable
Shrimp Tempura
Crispy battered shrimp & vegetable
Fried Calamari
Served w. sweet chili sauce
Coconut Shrimp (6)
Fried shrimp w. coconut mixture served w. white sauce
Asian BBQ Ribs (6)
Fire-grilled pork ribs w. teriyaki sauce
Korean Boneless Ribs
w. Korean bbq sauce
Chicken Wonton Tacos (5)
Grilled chicken, lettuce, tomato, scallions, crispy wonton shells
Sakeba Loaded Fries
Loaded w. house special sauce, seaweed strip, bonito flakes
Fried Wings (10)
(Plain, Teriyaki, Buffalo, Sweet Chili)
Appetizer Combo
Fried, Nuggets, Krab Rangoon, Spring Roll, Gyoza, Fried Wings, Bamboo Stick Chicken, Coconut Shrimp, Asian BBQ Ribs